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Disability in the Workforce 

WorkersWorkers’ health, safety and wellbeing are vital to the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of​​ businesses, communities and families and to national and regional economies.

The challenges facing the implementation of best practices in disability prevention, management and work productivity are multi-faceted. There are many different stakeholders who play a role in creating and sustaining a healthy workplace including:

  • policy-makers
  • business and labour leaders
  • operational managers
  • human resource personnel
  • service providers
  • health care professionals
  • academic researchers 

Although there is a great deal of information available from a wide range of sources about how to decrease workplace injuries and disability, there have been no effective and efficient mechanisms for identifying, evaluating, translating and disseminating credible knowledge, tools and resources that will meet the needs of the various stakeholders.

Various Stakeholders, Various Needs

Image of CIRPD's Health and Work Productivity Portal 

In a series of focus groups and surveys across Canada we have found that many stakeholders are seeking relevant, credible knowledge, tools and resources to prevent or reduce disability, albeit for different reasons and priorities. For instance:

Employers would like to prevent or mitigate costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism and workers' compensation insurance premiums.

Insurers would like to reduce their risk and payouts for direct and indirect medical and personal liability.

Healthcare professionals work towards quality assurance and greater accountability for services rendered.

Academic researchers from business and health faculties are seeking opportunities to work together with community stakeholders to support the development and implementation of best practices in disability prevention and management. 

A major project of the Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute​ is the creation the Health and Work Productivity Web-Portal which will provide practical knowledge, tools and resources to help all stakeholders create safe, healthy and productive workplaces – reducing the gap between what is known from high quality research to what is done in policy, training and practice.

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Reviewed by: Marc White PhD, Scientific & Executive Director, WWDPI​​​​

Last Modified: 6/12/2018 1:58 PM