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The Importance of Healthy Workplaces


Research has shown that companies who promote and protect workers' health are the most successful, productive and enjoy higher rates of employee retention.  

For workers, the benefits of a healthy workplace are clear. Employees are at their most motivated and creative in an environment that supports their safety, health and wellbeing. A healthy work environment is one which encourages and facilitates employee participation in all aspects of their work and health.  

For employers, promoting worker health is good business. From increased productivity and employee morale to reduced turnover and worker absenteeism, there is strong evidence of the benefits of developing and implementing effective health and safety policies and practices, and evaluating their effectiveness over time.

Professionals in the fields of Human Resources and Occupational Health are finding opportunities to improve health outcomes in the workplace. As individual and collective productivity in the workplace are greatly affected by measures in health and safety, HR professionals, play an important role. As well as effective protocols to deal with health and safety matters in the workplace, proactive measures can contribute to a culture that places health and safety at the forefront. Implementing and regularly renewing health and safety policies can make a significant contribution towards reducing accidents, worker absenteeism and prevent or reduce the longer-term consequences of disability, social exclusion and economic disadvantage. By protecting and promoting the health of employees, employers can help to reduce the overall burden of ill health on society.

A major focus of the Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute is Health and Work Productivity and reducing the gap between what is known from high quality research to what is done in policy, training and practice.

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