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Critical Ideas for the Psychologically Healthy Workplace: Conflict, Emotion, Incidents, & Behavior

June 26, 2014
Recorded in June, 2014

This presentation was given at the Creating and Sustaining Psychologically Healthy Workplaces: Learning from Research and Practice conference that was held on June 26-27, 2014.
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The challenges of the contemporary workplace are routinely expressed by reference to complex, overlapping ideas: harassment, bullying, unfairness, personality conflict, blame, and responsibility, to name but a few. This confusing landscape of ideas can make difficult workplace situations even more difficult to address, rather than easier.

This session introduces a clear, practical framework for engaging with others about these ideas. Using this framework, organizations and individuals can identify effective strategies to both deal with difficult situations, and enhance psychological health in the workplace.

After completing this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the continuum of inter-related workplace behaviors that impede psychological health
  • Identify “behaviors” versus “labels”
  • Identify “incidents” versus “issues”
  • Identify “conflicts” versus “disputes”
  • Apply a decision-based theory of behavior in supporting psychological health in the workplace

Pierre Nadeau
Respectful Workplace Specialist, Proactive ReSolutions

Pierre Nadeau has over 20 years’ experience in the field of adult education. Pierre has a degree in science from the University of Ottawa and has a background in management, at all levels, including the Director level. 
As Language Centre Director for Berlitz International in Vancouver, Pierre was responsible for the administration of multiple language programs as well as cross-cultural and translation services. As founder, President and Executive Director of Rainbow College International, Pierre set the vision and strategic direction for the organization and had ultimate operating, regulatory and customer service responsibility; he grew the organization to annual revenues of $1.3 million and staff of 35.
As a Respectful Workplace Specialist with ProActive ReSolutions for the past 7 years, Pierre has made and continues to make a significant contribution by training new trainers as well as delivering the full suite of ProActive Prevention Programs in French and English to a variety of clients across Canada.


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