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Preventing Interpersonal Violence in the Workplace

June 26, 2014
Recorded in June, 2014

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This presentation was given at the Creating and Sustaining Psychologically Healthy Workplaces: Learning from Research and Practice conference that was held on June 26-27, 2014.
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Preventing interpersonal violence in the workplace represents a significant challenge for organizations wishing to create and maintain healthy workplaces. Over a period of ten years, their team conducted a large study on interpersonal violence in Quebec (Canada). During the last phases this project, they conducted a study involving the evaluation of a participatory intervention aimed at preventing workplace bullying and acting on violence at work at the level of primary prevention. The study led to the creation of web-based resources and tools to highlight the best practices and share implementation and evaluation tools. The tools allow practitioners to conduct and evaluate, within their institution, a primary prevention intervention using a rigorous and systematic prevention process, access to practical instruments and forms ready for organization use, and evidence-informed educational information that discusses the advantage of implementing a primary intervention program to prevent interpersonal violence in the workplace. Dr. Jauvin discusses the process they have used to disseminate research results in Quebec and elsewhere, and will showcase the tools and resources available.

Following the presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Persuasively discuss and justify the importance to implementing policies and practices to prevent violence at work
  • Access credible evidence-informed online resources and toolkit to facilitate a five step approach to planning and program implementation
  • To create a prevention plan adapted to your organization
  • Describe common challenges to the implementation of a prevention plan
  • Reflect on the importance of the participatory process in facilitating organizational change

Nathalie Jauvin PhD
Researcher, RIPOST - Recherches sur les interrelations personnelles, organizationnelles et sociales du travail

Nathalie Jauvin has a PhD in Applied Human Sciences (Montréal University) and a post doc at the Research Chair on Occupational Integration and the Psychosocial Environment Work (Laval University). She is researcher at CSSS de la Vieille Capitale and associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine (Laval University). Since 1998, she is member of RIPOST (Research group on Personal, Organizational and Social Interrelations at Work). She is interested in mental health at work and in preventive interventions aimed at reducing adverse psychosocial work factors. She also developed an expertise on interpersonal violence and psychological harassment at work.


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