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CCOHS Journey to Date - Adopting the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

June 26, 2014
Recorded in June, 2014

This presentation was given at the Creating and Sustaining Psychologically Healthy Workplaces: Learning from Research and Practice conference that was held on June 26-27, 2014.
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In January 2013, Canada launched the world’s first National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Psychological health and safety is embedded in the way people interact with one another on a daily basis; the working conditions; management practices; and the way decisions are made organizationally and how they are communicated as well. This voluntary Standard is commissioned by the Mental Health Commission of Canada which sets a new, higher standard of care for employers and a new higher standard
of conduct for all of us in the workplace.

Join CCOHS’ Manager of Human Resources, Yvone Defreitas, as she takes you through the CCOHS Journey “to date”, including the background, resources and lessons learned along this spectrum of fundamental leadership and organizational change.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the nature and impact of the voluntary Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace from the Canadian Standards Association/CSA and BNQ. 
  • How Mental Health @ Work surveys plus pre-survey baseline data form the foundation for workplace tools and resources you will need to use in future
  • What types of Mental Health @ Work actions may be taken and how your organization can continuously improve and reflect on related outcomes



Yvone Defreitas, CHRP
Manager, Human Resources, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

 Yvone Defreitas is the Manager of Human Resources at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) where she is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the centers human resources plans and programs. With over 15 years of experience in human resources management, Yvone provides the centre with council and expertise related to administration, management services, recruitment, performance management, training, development, compensation and benefits. She’s a training and development skills-oriented instructor at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario, and is a certified member of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). 


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