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Return to Functioning in Children and Teens with Chronic Pain: The Role of Parents

July 9, 2014 - 2:00pm PDT, 5:00pm EDT
Recorded in July, 2014


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Research shows that chronic pain can have a major impact on the day-to-day lives of children and teens. Parents often struggle with how best to support their child or teen to function, despite ongoing pain. Children and teens with chronic pain and their families often feel alone and misunderstood.

This interactive webinar will provide guidelines for parents for helping their child or teen return to living a healthy life. These guidelines stem from research and the experiences of families living with chronic pain.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  1. The ways in which chronic pain can impact the day-to-day lives of children and teens
  2. Guidelines for parents to help their child or teen live a healthy life, despite chronic pain 

Dr. Sue Bennett and Dr. Erin Moon

Drs. Bennett and Moon work in Medical Psychology at BC Children’s Hospital. Both take a family- centered, evidence-based approach to the care of children and youth with chronic pain and their families.

Dr. Bennett has worked as the team psychologist with the Complex Pain Service at BC Children’s Hospital since 1991. She is a clinical investigator with the Child and Family Research Institute and an Adjunct Professor in Psychology with UBC. She has published extensively in the field of pediatric chronic pain and its impact on children and families.

Dr. Erin Moon has been on staff at BC Children’s Hospital since 2012. Dr. Moon completed a post-doctoral fellowship focusing on research and clinical training in the assessment and management of pediatric pain. Dr. Moon has published a number of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in the field of pediatric pain.


This event is co-sponsored by CIRPD, Pain BC and The Canadian Pain Coalition.

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