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What Could Improve Work Sustainability for People with Heart Disease?

Friday January 25, 2019 at 11:00 AM PT, 2:00 PM ET

​Fifty percent of heart attacks occur in individuals under the age of 65 and two-thirds survive a cardiac event. 


You will learn

  • Common cardiovascular conditions leading to work disability.
  • The personal, workplace, insurance and health care influences on cardiovascular work disability.
  • Workplace and clinical interventions that help to sustain work for persons with heart disease.


Take Home Messages

  • Cardiovascular work disability is a result of a combination of personal and workplace factors.
  • Rehabilitation and medical reassurance are important to restore worker confidence in getting back to work.
  • In the workplace, transitional reintegration programs, accommodation, and workplace health support are valuable in helping workers stay on the job.​

​Fergal O'Hagan, PhD​

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology, ​Trent University​

Dr. Fergal O’Hagan holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from the University of Saskatchewan, a Master’s of Science in Adapted Human Biodynamics from McMaster University and a Ph.D. in Exercise Science from the University of Toronto.
Much of Fergal’s work at Adaptive is behind the scenes of what our everyday clients see. That being said, his knowledge is vast, and our management team of front-line healthcare workers rely on him daily to provide support when it comes to any program development issues.
As a workshop leader, Fergal brings various training programs to area employers, as well as providing continuing education opportunities to health care professionals. In addition Fergal also consults with area employers around disability management and workplace health issues.
Dr. O’Hagan’s experience includes progressive positions in public and private sector health care as a Clinical Kinesiologist, program manager and private practice operator. Dr. O’Hagan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Trent University, Dr. O’Hagan teaches health psychology, behaviour modification and advanced statistics and research design. He works tirelessly, and is dedicated to finding ways to help people adapt and heal so they can get back to work.​

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