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Work Experiences and Adaptations Made by Employees with Arthritis

Wednesday August 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM PT, 2:00 PM ET



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Arthritis disrupts an employee's work life by impairing his or her capacity to be a productive worker. Our results highlight how these individuals make strategic adaptations to maintain a productive work life for as long as possible.​This webinar describes the common challenges employees with arthritis face at work, and the strategies they use to maintain employment.  Data comes from the experiences of 873 employees from seven countries.​

You will learn:

  • ​There are at least four common challenges employees with arthritis experience at work, such as how to manage physical symptoms, how to preserve a “worker identity”, when and how to disclose their condition, and testing different coping strategies.  
  • The Job Sustainability Model helps us understand the process and coping behaviors employees use to continue working.

​Rebecca Purc-Stephenson, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Alberta​​

Dr. Rebecca Purc-Stephenson is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the Augustana Faculty, which is a liberal arts campus at the University of Alberta. She graduated from the University of Windsor with a Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology. Broadly, her research focuses on health and organizational psychology. Her studies focus on ways to improve and increase the work lives of people living with a chronic illness or physical disability and how to improve efficiency, flow and communication in healthcare organizations​

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