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Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions – You’re Not Alone!

Recorded in April 2018



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Living with chronic conditions comes with various challenges that can be frustrating to deal with because individuals are often caught in the vicious cycle of symptoms they are experiencing. Dealing with chronic conditions on a daily basis can affect one’s emotional, physical and mental well-being. As a result, it is essential to learn different strategies to live a healthier life with chronic conditions. In this webinar, we will learn about Lana’s personal journey from starting to live with chronic conditions to her returning to work, gaining a better understanding of the concepts of self-management and exploring different tools to help individuals break the vicious cycle. Self-Management BC offers complimentary programs that are led by peers and offer practical skills and  knowledge to empower individuals to be more hopeful in managing their chronic conditions.  

You will learn:

  • about the vicious cycle of living with chronic conditions, 
  • about mind-body connection of chronic conditions, 
  • practical skills(action planning, decision making, problem solving), 
  • cognitive skills (guided imagery, visualization), 
  • how to deal with difficult emotions

Lana Barry, BA, BEd, MEd

Online Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program Coordinator, Self-Management BC, University of Victoria

​Lana has been involved with the University of Victoria’s Self-Management programs since 2012. Through her personal experience of chronic pain due to an MVA, Lana encourages people living with chronic conditions to better their health and their lives through knowledge and skills obtained from Self-Management and the Online Program she coordinates. Her background experience is in education, life coaching, community engagement and online curriculum development. Lana is a passionate advocate about gathering community of support when dealing with chronic conditions and truly believes there is light in darkness. 

​Sherry Lynch, BA, MSW

Research Associate, Self-Management BC, University of Victoria

Sherry’s background experience is in psychology and social work. In 1989, her involvement in self-management programs began with the implementation of the Arthritis Self-Management Program in Canada. Prior to joining the University of Victoria in September 2003, Sherry worked for 14 years with non-profit societies and health care agencies, specifically in the area of volunteer management and peer support. As a research associate, she is passionate about researching and sharing strategies to support people to live their healthiest life.

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