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The Health Consequences of Worklessness

Recorded in March 2018



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While ill health is a common cause of worklessness it is also the case that worklessness contributes to ill health and this seminar will explore the consequences of worklessness for health and wellbeing.

You will learn:
  • to understand the importance of work to health
  • Learn how system failure leads to unnecessary worklessness

Ewan B Macdonald, MD

Professor, University of Glasgow
Head, Healthy Working Lives Group Institute of Health & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow​
Dr. Macdonald is an Occupational Physician and Head of the Healthy Working Lives Group in the University of Glasgow.   His previous experience includes the delivery of Occupational Health & Safety and Return to Work services in a large range of industrial sectors.
As well as leading the Healthy Working Lives (HWL) Group he has always combined academic research and teaching with clinical practice. He is a Past President of the UK Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) and Founder and Past President of the OM section of the Union of European Medical Specialists. He developed the Healthy Working Lives Paradigm and this was adopted as policy in Scotland.   Subsequently he stimulated its review which led to the Health Works Policy.    During 2011 he chaired the implementation group of the first Health Works pilot to introduce a redesigned musculoskeletal service in the Health Service in Scotland with the aim of ensuring a more patient-centred faster service with a focus on return to maximum function including work, where appropriate.   He is a member of the newly formed Scottish Government Disability & Carers Expert Advisory Group.    Dr. Macdonald also proposed the OHS Extra service which was the forerunner of the “Fit for Work” service across the UK.​


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