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Contact With the Workplace During Long-Term Sickness Absence and Worker Expectations of Return to Work

December 8, 2016 - 8:30am PDT, 11:30am EDT




  • Selander J., Tjulin Å., Müssener U., Ekberg K. Contact with the workplace during long term sickness absence and worker expectations of return to work. International Journal of Disability Management Research, (2015) 10
  • Tjulin Å., Müssener U., Selander J., Ekberg K. Learning experiences in return-to-work among workplace actors. International Journal of Disability Management, (2015) 10
  • Tjulin Å, MacEachen E, Edvardsson Stiwne E, Ekberg K. Exploring the meaning of early contact in return-to-work from workplace actors' perspective. Disability and
    Rehabilitation, 2011; 33(2): 137-145


Dr. Åsa Tjulin will discuss results from studies that concerns social relational factors and early contact with the workplace during sickness absence in relation to workers expectations to return to work. A discussion about workplace learning from return to work process will be presented - do we learn, who learns and what do we learn from RTW?

You will learn:

  • how social contact plays out in the RTW process
  • how workplace actors are significant in the early contact
  • what is significant for a good or bad early contact
  • what employers need to think about

Åsa Tjulin

Senior Lecturer, School of Health, Care, and Social Welfare, Mälardalen University

Dr. Tjulin work as a senior lecturer at Mid University, Sweden. Her research aims at generating knowledge about the significance of the workplace in return to work and health promotion through studies that explores:

  • implementation of return to work interventions at the workplace
  • social relations that takes place within workgroups when a worker re-enters the workplace after sickness absence, how social conditions are shaped in the return to work process
  • who, when, when and what is learnt at the workplace during a return to work
  • health promotion interventions for learning at the workplace and the relation to sustainable working groups and organizations

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