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Manager Involvement in Work Re-Integration?

Recorded in December, 2014


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In collaboration with Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation


In this webinar Dr. Karin Maiwald presents a study into the managers’ (frontline managers, supervisors) experiences with return-to-work policy in a Canadian setting. This is published in a public-access article in WORK (Epub, open access).

Disability Management, the policy in organizations which is directed at workers with health-related problems and work incapacities is presently oriented towards early interventions (RTW policy). In the healthcare sector in British Columbia, Canada, the choice is made to involve employer and worker representatives in policy formulation (the so called ‘bipartite structure’). The assumption is that if the differing interests between employers and workers in the policy formulation phase are bridged, the implementation will improve.

Dr. Maiwald will talk about how return to work (RTW), or work re-integration after work disability (WD) with sickness absence, is considered necessary to support workers’ health and social inclusion. The ambition, she will explain, is to support workers with various incapacities so they can function at work and to motivate them towards work participation and re-integration.

In this webinar, you will learn about: 

  • The selected policy evaluation approach
  • The managers’ struggle to implement the policy
  • The inflexibility & inability of arrangements on workers’ incapacities and RTW process
  • What to do? Three proposals


Karin Maiwald, PhD

Dr. Karin Maiwald is the owner of Work-Health Connexion Consulting, a newly established independent consulting agency in Nelson, British Columbia (BC), Canada. She has a PhD from Maastricht University in The Netherlands. Before her graduate studies (In: Health Sciences and Public Health), she gained extensive clinical experience as a Physiotherapist in the public and private sector. She worked as a Research Fellow at (former) Occupational Health & Safety Agency for Healthcare, BC and completed the Work Disability Prevention CIHR Strategic Training Program, University of Sherbrooke. Additionally, Karin worked as a (Prevention Policy) Advisor, Workplace Health & Safety, Interior Health, BC. She served on the Physiotherapy Association of BC Board and made contributions to the Canadian Association for Research on Work & Health. Karin is interested to investigate the tension between policy intentions and policy outcomes in the domain of health and participation and support work disability policy development in organizations (work place programs).

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