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Isocyanates and Health: Past, Present and Future Conference

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Date: April 3-4, 2013

Location: Bolger Conference Center in Potomac, Maryland

The conference was a big success. Thanks to our sponsors and speakers for their contributions.

You can now access the recorded presentations, PDF slides, and abstracts from the conference:

Conference Purpose

The purpose of this international multidisciplinary conference is to identify and discuss the latest knowledge and important issues on the health effects of isocyanates, including current best evidence about exposure monitoring, environmental controls and clinical management.

Conference Topics

  • Worker and consumer exposure issues
  • Toxicity testing/animal models/biomarkers
  • Human cancer risk
  • Environmental exposure/monitoring
  • Respiratory epidemiology and disease
  • Occupational health surveillance/management
  • Research to practice/health communication (integrated across each theme above)


Bench and Clinical Scientists, Occupational Medicine Specialists, Industrial Hygienists, Clinicians, Pulmonary, Immunological Allergy Specialists, Researchers, Toxicologists, Government Research and Regulatory Agencies, Industry and Worker Representatives, Health and Safety Organizations, Health Communication Specialists, Isocyanates Manufacturers and Secondary Users, Consumer Health Organizations

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