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Building Resilience for Leaders and Organization Webinar Wrap Up

6/27/2017 10:00 AM

​Building Resilience for Leaders and Organization Webinar Wrap Up​

On May 26, 2017, Graham Lowe, presented on Building Resilience for Leaders and Organization in our Effiective Workplaces webinar series.

He expressed from his webinar a significant correlation between individual well-being and organizational performance.
Key factors in resilience:
  • Thriving despite adversity.
  • Dealing with the adversity and finding a better mental place to be.
  • The capability to manage the stress that comes along with the adversity.
  • Adapting to inevitable change.
  • From a corporate standpoint, helping individuals and organizations in response to adversity find new strengths and capabilities.
How do organizations deal with a crisis?
  • Crisis Management
  • Crisis Preparedness
  • Resilient Organization
Crisis Preparedness, is absolutely necessary to build up organizational resilience.

A resilient organization:
  • Communicates
  • Collaborates
  • Cooperates
  • Improvises
  • Supports.
Resilience is a strong part of a Leader’s psychological capital. It is something that can be learned and practiced.

Canadian Psychological standard for Healthy and Safe workplaces, took effect a few years ago. The new standard was added as a complement to most Occupational Health and Safety systems within organizations.
Happiness and the well being of employees, is an important key factor to success.
Vibrant workplace ingredients to promote well being include:
  • Respect and fairness
  • 2-Way communication
  • Autonomy and input
  • Adequate resources
  • Supportive supervisors
  • Engaging work
  • Recognition and awards.
  • Safety and Health promotion.

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