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CIRPD Call for Nominations to the Board

10/28/2015 11:00 AM

The Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability's (CIRPD) mandate is the prevention and relief of pain, pain-suffering and disability.

In order to forward our current objectives, we are seeking senior candidates for our Board of Directors who have an interest in our mission, experience on corporate board of directors, or other non-profit organizations who can bring strategic partnerships and networks that can support our activities.


This year CIRPD will be beta-testing and launching a website that will help employers and employees find and translate credible research resources to support employee health and work productivity. Accomplishing this will require the creation of partnerships and sponsors to support the website development, beta-testing, and marketing activities.

CIRPD also runs very successful free public access education webinars focused on chronic pain and disability prevention.

Specific Skills: Fundraising; Organizational Planning; Human Resources; Marketing; Legal; Management; Entrepreneur

Qualifications: We are looking for senior executives (active CEOs and VPs across sectors, or recently retired), who are interested in the use of academic and business research to make informed decisions about enhancing work productivity and employee health.

Benefits & Recognition: CIRPD provides recognition to its board members via website and annual reports. CIRPD board is noted for attracting members dedicated to its mission, goodwill, and enjoyment. This is a voluntary position.

Deliverables / Duties: The board plays strategic, legal, and fiduciary roles in the organization. Board members participate on committees relevant to their skills and interest.

Term of Office: Three years.

The time commitment is approximately 7 hours per month.

Check out our current list of board members.

If you are interested in joining our board, you can contact Tonya Hyde at 604-684-4148 or by e-mail at

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