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Make a donation to support our research and educational activities to identify, create and disseminate evidence-based resources to improve workplace health and eliminate impairment-related job loss. Your donation makes this possible. Become a monthly or annual donor. 

There are other ways to donate to the Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute. Create a Named Fund for a specific purpose. Contribute to the Ian A. Barclay Chronic Pain Endowment Fund.

Join our Planned Giving Program.  Leaving a gift in your Will provides a legacy of improving work wellness, hope, education and empowerment to help people with chronic and episodic health conditions live full and productive lives.   Please contact us using our contact form or call the office if you would like to explore these types of opportunities and our donor recognition program.


2018 Funding Priorities

Current Wish List Target
Health and Work Productivity portal interface update for device friendly interface  $25,000
Open Access Publishing - Support our open access program to ensure our research studies are available to all at no cost. The average open access processing fee is $2,000. Our target is to publish 5 articles. $10,000

CRM migration to Salesforce - New functionality awaits. Help us transform our program delivery. 



  • 10 donations of $2,500 = $25,000
  • 5 donations of $2,000 = $10,000 
  • 10 donations of $650 = $6,500
  • 10 donations of $350 = $3,500

Your support helps to fund our webinar series, research synthesis activities, planning activities, and community engagement around the following topics:

Prevention and elimination of  impairment-related job loss, and worklessness for those with, or at risk of, chronic and episodic health-related challenges

  • Chronic disease is a leading cause of disability in Canada, affecting men, women and children of all ages.

Prevention and reduction of workplace disability  

  • A survey conducted by Watson Wyatt reported that managers estimated that health and productivity costs for large employers account for 20-25% of an organization's payroll.   
  • Based on current trends it is expected that public health issues related to obesity, diabetes, mental health disorders, cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory illnesses will have a profound effect on work disability

The translation of current research into practical tools and resources

  • credible programs and services that empower people with current research evidence
  • help us move research into practice
Your contribution today makes a difference!

Annual Individual Giving 

$100 Friend
$250 Supporter
$500 Community Investor
$1,000 Research Contributor
$5,000 Directors’ Circle
$10,000 President's Circle
Please contact us about our Corporate and Planned Giving Programs.

Ways to Donate

It’s easy to donate online to WWDPI. Our donations are processed securely online.

Our online credit card processor, PayPal is used by TD Bank, Future Shop, Best Buy, Shaw, The Province of British Columbia and is noted for its excellence in online security.

When you make an online donation to The Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute, you will be mailed a Canadian tax receipt for the total value of your contribution.

We also accept cheques, which can be mailed to:

Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute (WWDPI)
204 - 916 West Broadway Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K7 Canada

Planned Giving Program    

Planned Giving covers a range of different opportunities to make a gift to a charity - today or in the future to make a difference both for yourself and for a cause that you believe in.

Common planned gifts include: Gifts through your Will (Bequest/Legacy), charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, gifts of life insurance and gifts of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual fund units).

Donations can be directed toward any of our current projects or given to the general fund which covers operational costs and high priority programs needing further investment. Your donation can also be made in Honour of someone who lives with pain-related suffering, or recognized as a family gift.

WWDPI would like to thank all our ​donors – past, present and future – for their contributions.

You can also support us by becoming a member. You can join others with a dedication to improving the quality of life for those living with pain and enjoy the great benefits of membership.   

Links: Become a Member, About WWDPI​, Contact

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