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Are you interested in creating safe, healthy, inclusive, and productive workplaces?  When you become a member, you support our mission to eliminate job loss and worklessness for people with, or at risk of, chronic or episodic health conditions.  

Membership brings together dedicated individuals and organizations interested in the utilization of current research to create and sustain effective, successful, and supportive work environments for all workers.  Professional members receive free certificates of attendance for our research to practice webinars.  

Your support and participation in our organization is greatly appreciated and will help us:

  • Facilitate the adoption of research evidence to create and sustain work wellness, eliminate impairment-caused job loss, and prevent worklessness
  • Provide credible, science-informed, practical tools and educational resources to facilitate stay at work, return to work, and re-integration of people with impairments and disabilities
  • Work collaboratively with government, organizations, and individuals who play a role in creating, and sustaining safe, healthy, inclusive and productive workplaces
  • Provide relevant and useful evidence-based services and resources to stakeholders seeking research-based information and practical resources. Stakeholders include:
    • governments, employers, labour organizations, occupational health and safety professionals, public and private insurers, educators, and workers
  • Partner with the global community of researchers, professionals, and other stakeholders committed to the prevention of job loss and worklessness
  • Support work participation for those at risk, or with, chronic and episodic health-related challenges (e.g. muscle and joint disorders, chronic pain, mental health, respiratory, cardiovascular, diabetes, etc.)

Become a WWDPI Member 

Member Benefits & Services

As a member, you can:


  • Receive updates on the latest evidence-based research, publications and information related to our mission
  • Access evidence-based resources on disability prevention and management
  • Access peer-reviewed video clips and audio podcasts on work and health topics
  • Participate in committees: network and connect with peers, professionals, government policy-makers and consumers
  • Receive invitations to conferences, teleconferences and other educational programs geared to your needs at member rates (usually 10 – 25% off regular rates)
  • Receive updates about external research funding opportunities and then access the results of the research
  • Participate and vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Professional members receive complimentary certificates of attendance for attending live and on demand webinars
  • Organization members receive acknowledgement in the Annual Report

Individual Membership Fees (processed in CAD for Canadian residents, USD for International)​

Individual Professional Canadian residents Non-residents
1 year 90 CAD 90 USD
3 year 225 CAD  225 USD
Persons with a chronic health condition (who is underemployed or on disability)

1 year 20 CAD 20 USD
3 year 50 CAD 50 USD



Organizational Membership Fees (processed in CAD for Canadian residents, USD for International)​

Membership​ 1 Year 3 Year
​Up to 3 memberships   ​​$225 ​$575
​Up to 7 memberships   ​$450 ​$1,150
​Up to 15 memberships  ​$900 ​$2,300
​Up to 25 memberships  ​$1,500 ​$3,850
​Up to 35 memberships ​ ​$2,250 ​$5,750

​ ​If you are interested in obtaining over 35 memberships, contact​


Sign up Online:

Become a WWDPI Member 


Sign up by Mail:
Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute
204-916 W Broadway Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K7

 * Membership fees are processed online in Canadian and US dollars.

Members include:


  • Business leaders
  • Case managers
  • Disability management professionals
  • Family Physicians, Occupational Medicine Specialists
  • Human resource professionals
  • Insurance professionals
  • Labour/union worker representatives
  • Lawyers
  • Media /PR
  • Massage therapists
  • Occupational health and safety professionals
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Vocational rehabilitation specialists
  • Psychologists
  • Researchers
  • Wellness coordinators
  • Workers compensation employees

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