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WWDPI's Constitution of Incorporation

Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute / Institut sur le bien-être au travail et la prévention de l’incapacité​

Statement of Purpose of the Corporation

To promote public health by:

  1. identifying high priority needs to more effectively prevent, reduce, and mitigate the effects of chronic pain, suffering, functional impairment and work disability due to chronic health conditions (especially common mental health and musculoskeletal conditions) on quality of life and full participation in society;
  2. supporting and sustaining safe, psychologically healthy, accommodating, and productive workplaces;
  3. funding, conducting, translating, developing, and disseminating high quality research, reports, guidelines, implementation tools, methods, educational resources, programs, and services to private/public sectors, professionals, consumers, business and labour organizations, and the general public.

Certificate of Continuance issued by Industry Canada on November 27, 2014.

Certificate of Amendment October 11, 2017 (organization name change).

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