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Jennifer Christian

President and Founder
Webility Corporation


Jennifer ChristianDr. Jennifer Christian is an internationally-known thought leader and advocate for improving health and functional outcomes and for preventing needless work disability in healthcare, workers’ compensation, and disability benefits systems. Dr. Christian is board-certified in occupational medicine with medical and public health degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle. She is a Fellow of the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine and chairs its Work Fitness & Disability Section. Dr. Christian is President of Webility Corporation.

 Webility’s clients include organizations in several sectors: healthcare delivery, managed care, large and small employers, workers’ compensation and disability insurers, state funds and other governmental agencies, including the US Social Security Administration. She also founded the award-winning 60 Summits Project, a non-profit initiative to propagate the work disability prevention model. It produced 20 multi-stakeholder events in 2 Canadian provinces and 12 US states.

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