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​Terri Aversa

Health and Safety Officer
Ontario Public Service Employees Union


Theresa (Terri) Aversa currently works as a Health and Safety Officer at the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU). Her role includes providing health and safety assistance and advice to OPSEU’s 130,000 members and participating with other stakeholders to improve workplace health and safety in Ontario.

Prior to coming on-staff at OPSEU in 2005, Terri worked for 16 years in Correctional Services. Altogether, Terri brings over 25 years of experience in the labour movement dealing with various issues including her current focus on occupational health and safety. Most recently, Terri spearheaded the development of the 2012 Mental Injury Tool Kit, a resource tool developed by unions, workers, and organizations to identify and address organizational factors that may cause or contribute to mental distress for workers. Terri has completed a Specialist B.A. in Employment Relations at University of Toronto and is pursuing a Masters in McMaster University’s Work & Society program.

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