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​Patricia (Paddy) Meade

Board Chair
Patricia Meade and Associates

Ms. Meade served as Deputy Minister of Yukon Health and Social Services from February 2013
to March 2016 and has more than 25 years of experience with western and northern
governments. Prior to her arrival in Yukon, she was the Chief Executive Officer for the
Institute for Health System Transformation and Sustainability, a not-for-profit, independent
organization with a mandate to create evidence in support of innovation in health and
health care. She served as the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services in
the Northwest Territories where she began to implement innovative changes to policy
and program development. Ms. Meade served the Alberta government as Deputy Minister of
Health and Wellness. She also held positions as CEO for the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Commission, Deputy Minister, Alberta Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, and Executive Officer Alberta
Health Services. She has experience with the Justice system and was a former Director with the Canadian
Patient Safety Association.

Board of Directors

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