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​Kelly Williams-Whitt, PhD 

Associate Professor
Faculty of Management,
University of Lethbridge


Dr. Williams-Whitt is a labour relations professor and practicing arbitrator. Her most significant scholarly activity has been in the arena of disability accommodation. This was the focus of her PhD dissertation which, to date, has culminated in 2 academic journal publications, 2 published conference proceedings, an edited book, 3 book chapters, a national conference, and numerous presentations. The journal publications are in the top ranked international and Canadian labour relations journals. 

Most research on return-to-work is conducted in medicine and law. In a recent review an external examiner stated: “Disability management and accommodation is a unique focus of research in management schools and Dr. Williams-Whitt is chartering new grounds.” All of her disability-related academic work translates medical and legal research for labour-management audiences. She has also made a distinct effort to reach practitioners by decoding technical scientific terminology in my book chapters and public presentations. 

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